Monica has extensive knowledge and experience composing and arranging in a variety of setting. She has the following services available:


  • Jazz Ensemble of any size or instrumentation
  • Saxophone Ensemble of any size
  • Clarinet Ensemble of any size
  • Flute Ensemble of any size
  • Mixed Woodwind Ensemble of any size
  • Audition etude writing – woodwinds (jazz and classical) – use something different with your students – great for tests, chair seating, audition prep or just something new to practice. Available in levels ranging from basic beginner all the way through advanced.
  • Want something else? Contact Monica with your request!


Transcription Services


Copyist Services

Monica can create professional looking and easy to read charts (even in low light!) using Finale. Need it in a different key? Monica can transpose anything into the key you need.

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